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Why Shop Local

Why Shop Local


With big malls and major department stores virtually everywhere and the ability to get anything you want with the simple click of your mouse, it begs the question, “Why shop local? Why shop small…either in person or online?”

Quality, fair prices and good service, that’s why!

By choosing local, independently owned businesses, you get direct access to the owners and buyers who genuinely take the time to listen to their customers needs, not just the national trends.  And because small businesses and boutiques focus on certain specific merchandise, you’ll get a more knowledgeable and friendly staff with a better understanding of the distinctive brands they carry.

The same can be true online as well.  There is so much to see and choose from while perusing the inter webs, yet without the ability to touch it, feel it or in the case of fashion, try it on, it can be a bit overwhelming!

So why shop Altitude?

Portland is a unique place, and we think you are too. Whether you come in the store personally, or are shopping online, Altitude feels like a living room where you can kick off your shoes, have a drink, and explore.  Open 5 days a week, Altitude is one-of-a-kind…not a generic online retailer with thousands and thousands of “little black dresses” to sift through.  We are a true boutique with clothing and accessories curated for the modern woman and man.  With a smaller inventory that mixes name brand and unique finds, it’s a safe bet you won’t arrive to a party to see 20 other people all wearing your same outfit.   And, a simple phone call will put you in touch with an experienced staff member who can literally walk the sales floor, pick up any item and answer questions about form and fit as well as give expert styling tips!

We want you to feel comfortable here. Come with your best friend or your grandma, you will have a good time, great laughs, and find some exceptional pieces for your closet. Happy Hour is daily from 3-close. 

No small business can succeed without the support of the community and in return, the community also benefits.  Altitude proudly supports local artists, charities and contributes to activities and festivals for our community in Slabtown, Portland.

But perhaps the BEST reason of all to shop Altitude is because unique style is just that, unique. #elevateyourstyle 

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