Times are Changing

Times are Changing

As April showers bring May flowers, we remember that the storm will pass and there is beauty to come. As a caterpillar turns into an alluring butterfly, it reminds us that it takes time and change to become who we were meant to be. We must trudge through the mud, to get to a destination that will be breathtaking. In the small business world, things are changing. And as time goes on, we press forward to adapt to that change with innovation and new concepts.  

Well, we want the flowers, and to be butterflies, and the breathtaking views, therefore we will be closing our doors for the summer of June 2018. We can't say much, but we can say that WE ARE SO EXCITED! Altitude will be closing for a few months, evolve, and reopen the doors with a new concept coming Fall of 2018. 

What does that mean for you? How can you help us out? We have to clear out our store. That means, everything is on sale. This is HUGE, all your favorite styles, brands, shoes, and accessories are going on discount. We aren't talking 20% or 30% off, it's more like 40%-90% OFF!!! Boots for less then $100, Ray Bans for $79 and Capri Blue candles at 40% off (and you know that those never go on sale!). Happy Hour will be going all day, everyday, and you know those house wares you have been eyeing... those are on sale too. Stop by Altitude and reward yourself, update your closet, and enjoy the last sweet times that we will be open.

We have greatly enjoyed all the highlights of Altitude, from the featured artists to sharing funny stories at the bar. What have we learned? As the storm goes on, we learned to dance in the rain.

Stay tuned for our highlights, updates and more. As for now, we would like to say thank YOU for all your support, words, time, and presence in our store and the Slabtown community. And stop by our store soon, we are selling out quick!    


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