The Knotty way

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The Knotty way

       It's the new year and Altitude opens it's doors once again with an amazing local artist. She has so much passion and talent! For the next three months we welcome her to the Altitude family.

Introducing: Knotty Bots Knits by Claire Botsy. 

       She resides in Hood River with her two little helpers, Marx and Binx, the Knotty cats (maybe they do more harm than good with all the yarn around!). She started knitting in college, inspired by her colleague that spun their own yarn.  Botsy started to create hats and scarves for special people in her life ever since. But what started her endeavor to create Knotty Bots Knits you may ask? 

     "It wasn't until the major Women's March in 2017. It was an empowering movement to not only women, but to the whole world and it gave me a certain spark and inspiration to make this idea and dream of my own Knit company into action."   ---- C. Botsy

     What makes Knotty Bots unique? Botsy saw a need, an obvious need in the outdoor industry. Hats that actually worked! "I can't tell you how disappointing it is for me to spend my money on a hat and then have it unfurl a few months later. I wanted to create something that will WORK, mold to my head, keep me warm, and last for years, not months." She knits high quality hats that will fit to your unique head, with fun colors and patterns. Bosty has been involved in various markets and has her own store on Esty. She also offers thick and lush cowls, and under-helmet hats.

       Botsy has many talents and hobbies, one of which is her photography. The mountains are calling her name constantly. She has a unique point of view of Mt. Hood in her framed photography featured at Altitude. She also offers postcards and prints if requested. 

       We are stoked to have Knotty Bots Knits at the store. She brings color and life to any outfit for men and women. She also does custom hats and cowls for no extra charge and FREE shipping. Only until April will we have this amazing, talented, creative artist. So stop by, have a beer or glass of wine, check out Knotty Bots, and her photography. See you soon!      


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